Zillmere Property Market: House Median Price Rises to $500,000

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Interstate buyers looking to settle in Brisbane now have Zillmere on their radar, pushing this northern suburb’s house median price to rise to $500,000. Real estate experts have said that the interest in Zillmere has been astounding, with inquiries increasing following the pandemic.

At the end of 2020, Zillmere was one of the last Brisbane suburbs where investors could affordably buy a house for less than half a million dollars. However, the property market boom during the first quarter of 2021 has recently pulled this suburb’s numbers up by $40,000, joining Richlands in the $500,000 threshold. 

The remaining suburbs getting to close to the half a million mark are Durack ($490,000), Ellen Grove ($484,750), Fitzgibbon ($469,000), and Forest Lake ($469,000).

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Industry experts said that buyers coming from Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney get more for their property investments in Zillmere by first putting up the house for rent, and then eventually moving in. This is great news for homeowners who were not expecting their Zillmere houses, bought nearly a decade ago, would gain in the property market.

A lot has changed in Zillmere in the last 10 years as well, especially in terms of safety and liveability. Per Domain.com.au, this suburb has improved in terms of education, walkability and coastal lifestyle.

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Today, it’s very appealing to average families who are looking for charming wood houses with decent space for a nice front lawn or a beautiful garden backyard. The suburb is roughly 16 kilometres away from the CBD, close to businesses for basic necessities.