New North Brisbane Police Campaign Places Officers in Geebung Bikeways

Queensland Police pose in Geebung
Photo credit: myPolice Queensland Police News

As part of a newly-launched crime prevention campaign called “Tune Into Your Surroundings,” the Queensland Police Service has stationed police personnel in bikeways in Geebung, Chermside, and Boondall to interact with the community and teach them how to stay safe in public spaces.

‘Tune Into Your Surroundings’ aims to help reduce robberies and assault offenses against people who go outside to exercise, or those who walk to and from school or work.

The campaign is primarily informative, warning people to put their phones down when they walk and take in their surroundings. Removing headphones is also highly recommended as loud music can prevent people from realising that danger is approaching. 

Police officers in North Brisbane will be stationed in Geebung, Chermside, and Boondall to inform passersby of the initiative, as well as do their part to keep the community safe from criminals. 

All in all, Tune Into Your Surroundings states that there are three primary things people who are out and about must watch out for in order to stay safe as crime rates increase: their surroundings, their valuables, and their phone.

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Their Surroundings

  • Those who walk must survey their surroundings and pay attention to those around them.
  • If a person has a bad feeling about the area they’re in, or if they feel unsafe or threatened, it is advised for them to leave and take another route.
  • In order to avoid getting lost, people must plan their routes.
  • People should inform a trusted person of their expected arrival times and travel routes when walking.
  • Sticking to well-lit and populated areas is a must.

Their Valuables

  • Bags must always be closed.
  • Those who bring bags with them must keep them securely attached to their body and avoid simply holding them.
  • Records of bags and valuables inside it must be kept as proof of ownership.
  • Other valuables should be kept out of sight and stored in pockets.
  • Valuables should not be left unattended, and carrying large amounts of money is ill-advised.

Their Phone

  • People must check their surroundings to see if it’s safe to use their phones.
  • Phones should be kept out of sight or secured in a bag when in public.
  • Install anti-theft apps such as “Find my Phone” in the event that it gets stolen.
  • Keep a record of the phone’s serial number or photo of proof of ownership in case it goes missing or gets stolen.
  • Secure phones with PINs, patterns, and biometric locks.
  • Don’t store sensitive or personal information such as passwords or bank information on phones.