Aspley State High School Upgrade To Bring 47 New Jobs

Photo Credit: Grace Grace//Facebook

Two brand-new buildings will soon rise in Aspley State High School, delivering a new multi-purpose sports hall and a music centre. The project, costing $16 million, is also expected to bring in 47 new jobs for the locals.

On Thursday, 9 July 2020, Aspley MP Bart Mellish and Education Minister Grace Grace gamely turned the sod on the construction site. 

Ms Grace said that Broad Construction has been given the contract to build the new centres and the company will provide jobs that will help with the state’s economic recovery, amid this coronavirus crisis. 

“This has ensured a pipeline of work has continued to flow throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” the Education Minister said.  

Photo Credit: Grace Grace/Facebook

Mr Mellish, on the other hand, said that the music centre was overdue for a replacement after 35 years. The sports facility, on the other hand, will deliver opportunities for the students. 

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“The $12 million sports hall will feature two sports courts, two general learning areas, a gym, canteen, staff office, storage rooms and a kinesiology lab. It’s part of our $235 million Renewing Our Schools Program, one of 26 state schools benefitting from this funding,” Mr Mellish said. “Meanwhile, the $3.8 million music centre will include visual arts, music, drama and dance classrooms as well as practice rooms and a staff office. I can’t wait to watch these projects come to life.”

Aspley State High School’s new sports and music centres are expected to be completed by March 2021.