Tails Wag Supreme in Bracken Ridge

Labrador Retriever
Photo Credit: Pexel/ Mali Maeder

Bracken Ridge residents aren’t barking mad; they’re simply head over paws for their four-legged companions. This northern suburb boasts the highest number of registered dogs in Brisbane, with a whopping 2320 furry residents.

From tiny chihuahuas to sturdy bull arabs, Bracken Ridge showcases Brisbane’s diverse canine community. But there’s one breed that reigns supreme across the city: the ever-popular Labrador retriever.

Brisbane is home to an impressive 9605 labs, with The Gap proving a particular hotspot for these playful pups.

Photo Credit: Pexel/ Chris F

According to Brisbane City Council animal registration data, compiled by Ray White data analyst Jemima White, suburbs with younger families and more affordable housing tend to attract the most dog lovers. Bracken Ridge, Forest Lake, The Gap, Carindale, and Wynnum all earn top marks for their canine-friendly vibes.

“These leafy suburbs offer easy city access, great schools and parks, plus the larger house blocks that dogs adore,” Ms White explained.

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The type of dog also reflects the housing style in each postcode. Inner-city apartments in areas like Brisbane City, New Farm, and Fortitude Valley see more compact breeds like Maltese and Dachshunds, while sprawling properties in Pullenvale and Anstead are ideal for energetic labs and border collies.

Labrador Retriever9605
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel7019
Border Collie6995
Staffordshire Bull Terrier5534
Golden Retriever4223
Australian Kelpie4016
Jack Russell Terrier3365
Cocker Spaniel3205
Australian Cattle Dog3029
German Shepherd Dog2698
Shih Tzu2409
American Staffordshire Terrier2345
Fox Terrier2027
Poodle (Toy)2003
French Bulldog1616
Poodle (Miniature)1592
Source: Ray White / Brisbane City Council
Photo Credit: Pexel/ Blue Bird

The importance of a pet-friendly home doesn’t go unnoticed by house hunters. Ray White Sherwood agent Lisette Schults-Rand confirms that buyers often consider the needs of their furry companions when searching for a new property. A large, fenced yard is high on the wish list for those wanting happy and active pets.

The connection between puppies and property isn’t limited to buyers. Ms Schults-Rand has even seen sellers relocate to better suit their elderly dogs who struggle with stairs. Her own rescue greyhound, Steve, is a beloved fixture at the Sherwood office, boosting morale and providing cuddly stress relief.

Photo Credit: Pexel/ Michael Tuszynski

Unfortunately, Brisbane’s housing crisis is taking a toll on both people and their pets. Animal Welfare League Queensland CEO Katie Garrett reports a surge in surrender rates as pet owners struggle with rising costs and the difficulty of securing pet-friendly rentals. The AWLQ provides a vital lifeline, caring for thousands of animals each year through their shelters and community vet clinics.

Published Date 08-May-2024