Stargazing Live Sets New Guinness World Record for Most People Stargazing Across Multiple Sites in a Country

Photo credit: ESA/Hubble/ Wikimedia Commons

The Stargazing Live – Guinness World Record Attempt event has won big as a total of 46,345 people set the new Guinness World Record for the Most People Stargazing across Multiple Sites in a Country.

Photo credit: Facebook/World Record Stargazing

The Guinness World Record attempt happened on 23 May 2018. Around 120 people joined South East Queensland Astronomical Society‘s Bracken Ridge Star Party alone and the official count of people who set the new world record is 46,345 stargazing at one time across over 250 locations around the country.

The  Australian National University (ANU) has been the previous holder of the record for this event where 7,960 people across 37 locations had set the record in 21 August 2015. However, this year’s world record event is even bigger with over 62,000 people participating in events.

Photo credit: Facebook/World Record Stargazing

The  Official Guinness World Record Certificates are yet to be given out as thousands of evidence are still being verified by the Guinness World Record. World Record Stargazing has temporarily provided a certificate of participation for those who joined the event.

The Guinness website is not updated with the new record yet. Updates will be live once final verification is complete.

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