St Paul’s School in Bald Hills Uses NFTs To Build Students’ Digital Portfolios

St Paul's School Bald Hills
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The St Paul’s School in Bald Hills school has launched their own non-fungible tokens (also called NFTs) to help build students’ digital portfolios, as part of the school’s continued focus on innovation. 

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NFTS are tokens that can be used to represent ownership of unique items. At St Paul’s, for instance, each NFT depicts a unique design of the school’s Realms of Thinking – a unique and acclaimed approach to learning pioneered by them.

Whilst they appear something new, NFTs have been around since 2017 when CryptoPunks launched their first token. There are many areas of work where people are starting to use NFT, and one of them is the field of education. 

Unlike a bitcoin that can be traded for another bitcoin, an NFT is unique and cannot be traded for equal value. 

Meanwhile, in recognition of their student’s academic performance, St Paul’s School has minted and transferred ownership of the NFTs to the top six students from last year’s graduating class.

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Harvey McIntosh, one of the top performing Year 12s from 2021 has already added his Realms of Thinking NFT to his digital portfolio.

St Paul's School NFT
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Dr Paul Browning, headmaster at St Paul’s School said the School’s willingness to adopt and engage with new technology was a valuable part of the student learning experience.

“St Paul’s School provides an education worth having which prepares resilient global citizens who are innovative thinkers. Right now, an education worth having includes engagement with this fast-developing world of blockchain and NFTs,” Dr Browning said.

“These concepts didn’t even exist when some of our senior students started school but now they’re becoming commonplace.”

Dr Browning said the school will continue to engage in development of digital portfolios with a focus on how it can prepare our students for this rapidly changing world.