New Childcare Centre in Deagon Proposed

New Childcare Centre on Deagon Proposed

A new childcare centre may soon open on Braun Street in Deagon, as part of an approved development on the site currently occupied by Connect Baptist Church. 

The proposed childcare centre, which can accommodate 96 children and would have 12 staff members, is part of the second stage of a single-storey building to be built on a vacant portion of land at 21 Braun Street.

Master plan proposed  21 Braun Street, Deagon development | Photo Credit:  Brisbane City Council /

The centre will have a gross floor area of 436 sqm, with five activity rooms, kitchen, office/consultation room, staff room, sleep area and two outdoor stores.

View of proposed childcare centre from the carpark | Photo Credit:  Brisbane City Council /

There will be 52 car parking spaces, a basketball court, and two outdoor play areas measuring approximately 199 sqm and 550 sqm, respectively.

Stage 2 of proposed 21 Braun Street, Deagon development | Photo Credit:  Brisbane City Council /

Vehicle access will be provided via the existing driveway/crossover on Depot Road.

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View of proposed childcare centre from south | Photo Credit:  Brisbane City Council /

According to the Needs Assessment report prepared by Business Geographics, there are five long daycare centres in the catchment area, offering a total of 402 places, with an average occupancy rate of 84.58 per cent.

Whilst the supply is meeting current demand, the report said that the major catchment could still support an additional 50 to 80 places up to 2026.

“In conclusion, a new purpose-built childcare centre on BraunStreet at Deagon would improve local childcare choice and amenity and support the day to day needs of the immediate residential community. The subject site is approprite for the proposed use and would be expected to represent an attractive alternative in this market.” – Business Geographics

The proposed operating hours will be to operate from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays. 

21 Braun St, Deagon QLD 4017