Aspley Village Precinct Project Soon to Commence this Year

Aspley Gympie Road
Photo credit: Google Maps

The Aspley Village Precinct Project of the Brisbane City Council is all set for a 2019 launch after the project team’s presentation of their improved proposal.

In September 2018, the Council introduced this $5.9-million streetscape improvement project which aims to refurbish and revitalise the shopping district at Gympie Road in Aspley.  Its main objective is to boost local economic growth within the neighbourhood.

The project is part of  Brisbane’s Future Blueprint, which aims to create a city of neighbourhoods with vibrant, connected, and safe centres for both locals and visitors.

Initial Proposal

Aspley Village Precinct Project Draft
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council
Aspley Village Precinct Project Draft
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The initial improvements planned by the Council’s project team for the Aspley Village Precinct Project include:

  • Upgraded signalised pedestrian crossing on Gympie Road to secure safety in the area. This is still subject for final approval from the Queensland Government.
  • Upgraded footpaths for improved accessibility, maintenance, and visual amenity.
  • Realignment of existing pedestrian crossings and placing of additional cautionary tactile pavings on kerb ramps for improved safety.
  • Additional planting of trees and groundcover plants  for improved visual and physical amenities.
  • Additional street furnitures and public artworks for people to use and enjoy.

Community Consultation

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The community consultation period was completed in September 2018. All the feedback and ideas given by the concerned members of the community were collected through an online survey and three community consultation sessions.

At present, the council is still developing its updated proposal as a response to the feedback given by the community. The new and improved proposal is expected to be released soon.

Aspley Gympie Road
Satellite View of Aspley Village Precinct Project. Photo credit: Google Maps

What’s Next

Onsite construction will follow after the presentation of the project team’s improvement proposal. With both time and weather permitting, it will be ideal for construction to begin early of 2019 and  be completed by the end of the year.

To ensure minimal disturbances occurring during the construction phase of the Aspley Precinct Project, the Council will conduct a consultation meeting amongst the businesses located in the shopping centre. By doing so, the Council also safeguards the shops’ access during their business hours.