Aerial View Shows Progress of Hawera Court Pedestrian Bridge in Aspley

Hawera Court Pedestrian Bridge
Photo Credit: Screengrab/CrTracyDavis/Facebook

Recent drone footage captures the significant progress on the construction of the Hawera Court pedestrian bridge in Aspley, hinting at a community link that’s both relevant to the times and future-proof.

The pedestrian bridge that links Hawera Court and Hawera Crescent Park is undergoing a transformative rebuild. Initially compromised by severe weather in February 2022 and dismantled in 2023 for safety, the replacement project is designed to strengthen this vital community connection.

The new bridge design incorporates a 4.3-metre-wide span, engineered to resist future flooding. The construction plan includes 3-metre-wide shared paths at both bridge ends, a kerb ramp from Hawera Court, and newly landscaped surrounds. The fabrication of the bridge is proceeding offsite, with the foundational work on site paving the way for a resilient structure.

Hawera Court Pedestrian Bridge
Photo Credit: BCC

Drone footage has documented the initial construction stages, providing the community with a unique glimpse into the ongoing transformation.

Full bridge installation is targeted for mid-2024, with public access anticipated by mid-year. Residents may experience temporary disturbances from noise, dust, and vibration, alongside traffic rerouting around the construction zones.

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An approved Environmental Management Plan guides the project, ensuring that local wildlife and vegetation are considered. An arborist oversees the ecological aspects. An alternative route via Horn Road has been established, with clear signage directing pedestrians and cyclists around the construction site for their safety.

Once completed, the new Hawera Court pedestrian bridge will restore and significantly improve access to Hawera Crescent Park and Little Cabbage Tree Creek Bikeway, enriching Aspley’s landscape and community life.

Published 17-May-2024