Strathpine Doctor Leads the Charge Against Breast Cancer

Strathpine doctor Rebecca Langdon, known as “Bec the Boob,” joins Australian boxing legend Jeff Horn in the fight against breast cancer on International Women’s Day Fun Run in Brisbane.

Held on 10 March 2024, the fun run promises to be the largest ever, with a record 23,000 participants flooding the streets of Brisbane’s inner cities in a Sea of Pink. 

Bec the Boob: A Symbol of Courage and Resilience

Among the sea of runners in Brisbane will be Dr Langdon who was nicknamed “Bec the Boob” because she runs clad in a giant inflatable breast costume. This year marks her sixth year participating in the event. 

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The Strathpine doctor finds solace in humour amidst the seriousness of cancer, acknowledging the role her participation plays in honouring the memory of her friend Tara Simmons and other women affected by breast cancer. 

Reflecting on Tara’s journey with stage three multifocal ductal carcinoma, Dr Langdon underscores the aggressive nature of triple-negative breast cancer and the limited treatment options available.

 Despite Tara’s passing shortly before her 35th birthday in 2019, Dr Langdon draws inspiration from researchers, medical professionals, and donors dedicated to advancing breast cancer treatment and care. She emphasises the significance of research funding in uncovering new treatment avenues and saving lives.

Queenslanders Rally Behind the Cause

Mater Foundation has expanded the event’s capacity to accommodate the unprecedented demand for the International Women’s Day fun run, increasing from 20,000 to 23,000 runners. Despite the additional 3,000 places, the iconic 5km fun run sold out in 25 days.

With less than a week left, Horn urges Queenslanders to join or create “virtual” fun runs in their communities, allowing participants to walk, jog, or run 5km at their convenience between 3 to 10 March 2024. 

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Horn, a father of three daughters, expresses his solidarity with women facing breast cancer, emphasising the importance of raising awareness and funds for the cause. Funds from the event will support breast cancer research, services, and patient care across Mater hospitals in Queensland.

Mater Foundation Chief Executive Andrew Thomas commends the overwhelming support for the virtual challenge, with thousands of Queenslanders already participating. 

As anticipation builds for the largest Women’s Day Fun Run, Thomas encourages individuals across Queensland to register online for a fun run in their local community. 

Teams are forming, ranging from families and friends to work colleagues and even pets, embracing diverse settings for their runs, whether in local parks, along coastlines or on treadmills. The spirit of unity and determination underscores Queensland’s commitment to combating breast cancer.

Published 5-March-2024