Carseldine Village Terrace Homes Will be 100% Solar Powered

Carseldine Village, the ongoing residential development on Beams Road, will be using 100 percent solar power, enabling the homeowners to cut down on their electricity expenses. 

The State Government recently announced that the terrace homes development will be “zero net energy emission homes” and will greatly help Queensland achieve the targetted 50 percent renewable energy by 2030. 

“All the Carseldine Village terrace homes and the Oxley Songbird detached residential dwellings homes will come with solar PV, battery storage systems, heat pump hot water systems, WiFi air conditioning and will be electric vehicle charger ready,” Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development Steven Miles said. “This could save owners up to $1,600 per year off their power bills.”

Photo Credit: Carseldine Village
Photo Credit: Carseldine Village

The same zero net energy emission system is also being adapted at Songbird Oxley, another government-led residential development in the western suburbs. 

A landmark deal between Natural Solar, Australia’s largest solar battery installer, and U.S. tech company, Tesla, was recently signed as well, which will deliver Tesla Powerwall packages to the Oxley homes, saving the residents $2,000 per year.

“Homeowners at Songbird Oxley can expect to save up to $2000 per year, delivering a return on investment in around 5 years. With solar, you typically generate more energy than you need, so by combining it with the Tesla Powerwall, it can be stored and used when needed,” Natural Solar CEO Chris Williams said.

Mr Miles said that they are hoping more builders and developers will aspire to develop zero-emission homes following these two innovations.