Residents Thumb Down 5-Storey Developments in Sandgate Neighbourhood Plan

Following the release of the amended Sandgate Neighbourhood Plan draft, residents have united to oppose the proposed construction of five-storey buildings in the bayside village.

If approved, Sandgate residents fear that the tall buildings in a mostly single and double-storey landscape would alter the area completely. Members of the Protect Sandgate’s Character community group have come up with a mock-up scale of the 5-storey buildings against the existing surround.  

“These images do not illustrate building design (that’s entirely up to the developers), but instead illustrate the SCALE of the buildings that are allowed for in the draft plan, by showing the space in which buildings could be built,” Neil McCrossin said.  

“These images make much clearer to us the building heights in the draft plan for the Lagoon St sub-precinct. Is this good for the historical suburb of Sandgate?”

Photo Credit: Neil McCrossin/Facebook

In a petition on Brisbane City Council’s official site, the residents stated their reasons for rejecting the Sandgate Neighbourhood Plan draft: 

  • To protect the appearance of one of the entry points (Rainbow Street) for residents and visitors to the Historic Sandgate shopping village.
  • To protect our unique Historic Bayside Village identity and lifestyle of over 100 years of history.
  • To protect our heritage and character of commercial and residential buildings which are integral to the community village feel of low-level buildings and architecture with 360-degree views, no matter where you stand.
  • To protect our fragile environment, wildlife, lagoons, wetlands, parklands and waterfront from pollution and overpopulating such a small area.
  • To protect Residents and visitors alike from overshadowing, while preserving the exceptional views, right to privacy, unobstructed sunlight and natural sea breezes.
  • To prevent major problems with traffic congestion, parking, public transport, pollution, flooding issues, overfull schools. The safety of residents and children must come first with the problems this would raise in an already built-up Historical village.

Nearly 500 residents have signed the petition as of press time. 

Protect Sandgate Character members said that they are not against changes and have mostly agreed that the medical hub included in the plan would benefit the community. However, the group said that they want the changes to “incorporate the history of the area, and enhance the lives of people of Sandgate” by giving value to the suburb’s natural environment and open green spaces.

The plan’s draft is under review with Council and the Queensland Government after submissions for community feedback have been closed on 21 June. Should the plan go ahead, Council expects to adopt the changes by late 2021 or early 2022.

Visit the official site for updates.