Public Warned Of Rental Scam Following Incident In Aspley

Police are reminding the public to be wary of properties advertised for rent through online sites or through social media and to be on the lookout for rental scams, citing an incident that happened in Aspley in early 2023.

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A rental property along Robinson Road West, Aspley was assumed to be vacant but when agents visited the site, they were surprised to find someone there.

S/Con Kim Richter said the person told Police that she had paid bond and rent to another person who had advertised the property as available for rent at an online buy/sell site. This person has since filed a complaint with the Police. 

Rental Scam
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Police attended the address with the agent and gained entry to the residence. Some belongings found at the rental property, and its owner was immediately advised of the situation.

“With the shortage of rental accommodation, there is a criminal element who will take advantage of people looking for somewhere to live,” said S/Con Richter.

The Queensland Police Service gave some tips to avoid rental scams, such as dealing with licensed agents when looking to rent properties and asking for identification and proof such as rates notices when dealing with individuals. 

Police suggest reporting any suspected scam by submitting a form to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Renting in Aspley

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According to, the median rental price (April 2022-March 2023) in Aspley for a three-bedroom unit is $460 per week, slightly lower than the average Brisbane rental prices in 2022, which costs around $557 per week.

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Aspley may not be the cheapest Brisbane suburb to rent in, but it’s one of those with the highest demand, with around 280 houses leased in the past 12 months.

Published 4-April-2023