Sandgate Ambulance Station Proposed

A transformative proposal to build the Sandgate Ambulance Station on a currently vacant site on 99 Hoyland Street has been submitted.

The proposal, lodged as MID-0823-0717, outlines a comprehensive development plan designed to cater to the burgeoning needs of emergency services in our community.

Artist’s perspective of the Sandgate Ambulance Station entrance
Photo Credit: Queensland Government Planning

The project, curated by renowned architects Peddle Thorp, delineates a meticulous two-stage plan aimed at revitalising the currently vacant site. With a sprawling expanse of 15,804 sqm, the proposed development is poised to redefine the landscape of emergency medical services in our vicinity.

The first stage of this visionary project is slated to construct a single-story ambulance station, replete with vital amenities. This stage envisages housing essential facilities such as a plant room, meeting spaces, office areas, and storage provisions, along with accommodation for ten ambulances and capacity for 38 staff members during shifts.

Site Plan
Photo Credit: Queensland Government Planning
Ground Level Floor Plan
Photo Credit: Queensland Government Planning

The second stage, a pivotal expansion module, is designed to elevate the station to a two-story structure. This phase aims to accommodate up to 50 ambulances and provide ample operational space for a workforce of 250 personnel dedicated to ambulance services.

Location Plan for Second Stage
Photo Credit: Queensland Government Planning

Architectural ingenuity blends seamlessly with functional efficiency in the proposed design. The blueprint includes diverse workspaces like meeting rooms, a kitchen, locker rooms, and vehicle accommodation, all meticulously integrated to ensure operational harmony and ergonomic functionality.

The design’s foresight extends beyond functionality. It envisions a harmonious integration with the surrounding environment, seeking to amalgamate seamlessly with the neighbouring public parkland. This integration is set to enhance visual continuity and foster increased surveillance along the existing cycle path, previously hidden from view.

Landscape Concept Plan
Photo Credit: Queensland Government Planning

The proposal also emphasises traffic management, incorporating modified access points onto Hoyland Street to facilitate smoother traffic flow. These measures aim to balance operational exigencies with community convenience, reflecting a proactive approach to infrastructure and urban development.

Once realised, the Sandgate Ambulance Station promises not only to meet emergency service needs, but also to enrich the services available at Bracken Ridge.

As the project unfolds, residents can look forward to witnessing a landmark addition to the locality, one that underscores progress, functionality, and a harmonious blend with our community’s essence.

Published 9-January-2024