Our Lady and St Dympna in Aspley Marks 50 Years of Faith and Community

In a heartwarming celebration of faith and community, the parishioners of the Church of Our Lady and St Dympna in Aspley recently marked a significant milestone – the golden jubilee of their beloved church.

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The occasion was graced by the presence of Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge, who joined the festivities and blessed the newly unveiled Golden Jubilee Prayer Garden.

The church, which has stood as a beacon of hope and spiritual nourishment for the Aspley community for the past 50 years, was dedicated in the same year that Archbishop Coleridge was ordained. This serendipitous coincidence added an extra layer of significance to the celebrations, as Archbishop Coleridge himself celebrated his own 50-year anniversary of ordination on May 18.

Photo credit: K Vau/Google Maps 

During the Mass, Archbishop Coleridge reflected on the profound journey of the Church of Our Lady and St Dympna, emphasising that a church is much more than just a physical structure. 

“We’re not just celebrating a building, bricks and mortar,” he said. “It is a spiritual space where God chooses to take flesh, in a most mysterious and wonderful way.”

After the Mass, Archbishop Coleridge and parish priest Fr Biju Thomas unveiled the Golden Jubilee Prayer Garden, a serene sanctuary designed by the parishioners as a place of peace and a symbol of their gratitude and dedication. The garden’s blessing by the Archbishop was a poignant moment, further consecrating the space as a haven for spiritual reflection and communion.

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The Aspley church’s golden jubilee celebration is just one of many milestones being observed by the Brisbane Archdiocese this year. In addition to Archbishop Coleridge’s own golden jubilee, the archdiocese is also commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Cathedral of St Stephen, a landmark that has stood at the heart of Brisbane’s CBD for over a century and a half.

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As the Aspley community basks in the glow of this momentous occasion, the Church of Our Lady and St Dympna stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith, the strength of community, and the resilience of a spiritual refuge that has welcomed generations of worshippers through its doors.

Published 20-May-2024