Geebung CEO Champions Equality and Inclusion in Male-Dominated Industry

Pakko, a cardboard goods manufacturing company in Geebung, is led by a CEO who champions equality and inclusion in the workplace. Because of her drive to overlook gender roles, Nina Nguyen shows just how she has risen up to the challenge in this male-dominated industry.

After founding Pakko in 2017, Ms Nguyen has built a workplace where the number of female workers balances the number of male workers in various roles like machine specialists, sales estimators, accounts and managing partners. 

In an industry where the operation of machines is seen as exclusively a man’s job, Pakko has been working to evolve and change by providing more employment opportunities, not just for women but for anyone who is a team player and who embraces diversity. 

“Our team at Pakko is incredibly supportive of each other. Each of us has a story to tell, whether we are from Australia or arrived here from another part of the world,” Ms Nguyen shared. 

“For most of the team, English is a second language. And everything that makes us different; makes us unique, special and keeps us together. Our diversity drives us to compete on a global scale, as we strive to innovate the packaging industry right here in Australia.”

Geebung Pakko
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Pakko’s success in breaking down gender roles under Ms Nguyen’s leadership falls in line with this year’s International Women’s Day theme to #ChooseToChallenge and reflect on the changing roles and perceptions of women.

“Women are brilliant business leaders, compassionate world leaders and exceptional entrepreneurs who have succeeded across a multitude of industries. For International Women’s Day 2021, I choose to challenge the role of gender and employment opportunities within male-dominated industries, such as manufacturing in Australia,” Ms Nguyen said. 

In 2019, Pakko merged with Glue4U, a folding and gluing specialist led by its director, Tanya Watkins. Their partnership is opening more doors for women to consider manufacturing as a career path. 

Since 2011, International Women’s Day has been celebrated every 8th of March.