Have Your Say on the Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan

As part of the planning process, Brisbane City Council is inviting the community to have their say and participate in the nomination of the Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan Community Planning Team.

The Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the Brisbane City Plan 2014, once it is completed by early 2022. The neighbourhood  plan will help guide the future development planning, as well as coordinate the land use and future infrastructure project for the area over a 10-year period and beyond. 

  • confirm future development potential within existing residential and rural areas
  • provide services and facilities to meet the needs of existing and future community
  • protect and enhance the environment and biodiversity in the Albany Creek and Cabbage Tree Creek catchments
  • consider future infrastructure and services such as stormwater drainage, sewer and other utilities.

Public input is vital to the planning process and by working with the local community, Council will be able to: 

To participate in the consultation process, residents may nominate a member for the Community Planning Team by 29 September 2019. A CPT member — who may be a resident, works, runs a business, or owns a property in the area — participates in a series of workshops to guide the neighbourhood plan.

Also, until Monday 21 October, residents may have their say by completing an online survey or by using the interactive map and dropping a pin and placing a comment on the location which they think should stay the same or might be suitable for future growth or change. 

Alternatively, a hardcopy survey form can be requested by sending an email to the project team, contacting Council, or writing to:

Neighbourhood Planning Brisbane (Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan)
Brisbane City Council
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane Qld 4001

The next phase will be for the Council to seek community input on draft strategy, by mid-2020. By late 2020 to early 2021, the neighbourhood plan, which will include proposals for changes to zones and overlays, will be released for community feedback and reviewed by the Queensland Government.