Council Chooses My Little Coffee Shop in Aspley for its Reusable Cup Campaign

My Little Coffee Shop on Robinson Road West, Aspley, has been chosen by the Brisbane City Council to participate in its Reusable Cup Campaign which was launched in November. The cafe is one of four coffee shops that have been chosen on the northside.

Credit: My Little Coffee Shop Facebook

Reusable Cup Campaign involves providing 100 Brisbane cafes with 20 high-quality reusable “KeepCup” coffee cups. These cups will be awarded to loyal customers who regularly buy coffee in single-use cups. These customers are also given a loyalty card which will be stamped each time they use their reusable cups for them to be entitled to a free coffee on their tenth visit.

As one of the participating cafes in the initiative, My Little Coffee Shop has also been included in the list of Responsible Cafes. Responsible Cafes is a movement that aims for cafes to eliminate disposable coffee cups by providing discounts to customers who responsibly bring their takeaway cups with them when buying their drinks. There are more than three billion takeaway cups and lids that are being wasted and most remained unrecycled in Australia. Responsible Cafes aims to change that.

Credit: My Little Coffee Shop Facebook

My Little Coffee Shop is conveniently located just a stone’s away from Aspley Hypermarket. It is frequented by locals because of its homey ambience and relaxing vibe. Patrons can choose from indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor area is surrounded by white picket fences, decorated with plants, and planted with green grass. The spacious indoor set up, on the other hand, has a white and black theme. Guests have the option to enjoy their coffee while sitting on sofa lounges aside from the usual tables and chairs.

Kids and their fur babies are also welcome at My Little Coffee Shop. There is a kids’ area with some toys to keep the children occupied. Dogs, meanwhile, should remain on leash and should remain outdoors where they are given a communal drinking bowl.