Bridgeman Downs Magician Josh Norbido Brings Wonder to Hometown

Josh Norbido is different from your average magician. With accolades from celebrities and technical consulting roles for Hollywood movies, he has carved out a niche as one of the most captivating magicians in Australia.

The high praises he received from Nicole Scherzinger and Chef Manu Feildel is just the tip of the iceberg for a man whose technical prowess with a deck of cards earned him a consulting role for Cate Blanchett in preparation for her role in Ocean’s 8. Additionally, he was the lead card shuffling consultant for Russell Crowe’s 2022 movie Poker Face.

First Memory of Magic

Photo Credit: Josh Norbido

“My first ever memory of magic was witnessing a thumb being pulled off at the age of six. It was mind-blowing,” Josh recalls. This childhood wonder sparked a lifelong passion for magic.

Go-to Magic Moment

For Josh, the most enchanting moments are those that happen in the spectator’s own hands. “It’s always the magic that happens in the spectator’s very own hands,” he says, highlighting his performances’ personal and intimate nature.

Magic Inspirations

Josh draws inspiration from some of the greatest names in magic, including David Blaine, Asi Wind, Steve Cohen, and France’s David Stone.

Why People Love Magic

Photo Credit: Josh Norbido

According to Josh, “The older we get, the less magical the world becomes. Magic is one of the few things left that can still give people the true feeling of wonder.” This belief underscores his dedication to his craft and his desire to bring joy and amazement to his audiences.

Beyond the Spotlight

Favorite Animal, Food, Drink: “Dogs 4 life. Shepherd’s Pie, Southern Comfort & Coke,” Josh reveals, showcasing his down-to-earth and relatable side.

Most Embarrassing Moment

Even seasoned performers have their mishaps. Josh recalls, “Being on stage and having a raw egg break in my jacket pocket with 40 minutes of the show still to go.” Such moments add a layer of humility to his charismatic persona.

Alternate Career Path

If he weren’t a world-famous magician, Josh envisions himself as a quirky personal trainer, combining his love for fitness with his unique personality.

Theatre of Magic

Photo Credit: Josh Norbido

In three words, Josh describes his show, Theatre of Magic, as “Surprise, Happiness, Laughter.” This trifecta of emotions is what he aims to deliver in every performance.

Bridgeman Downs magician Josh Norbido still feels on cloud nine as his dreams finally come true, helping weave a new chapter in Brisbane’s entertainment story. “This format of magic doesn’t exist anywhere else in Queensland, so being able to bring this to the city I’ve grown up in is a dream come true,” Norbido said.

Josh Norbido’s journey from a fascinated six-year-old to a world-renowned magician is a testament to his dedication and passion for the art of magic. With Theatre of Magic, he continues to enchant and amaze, ensuring that the magic never fades from our lives.

A New Home for Magic

Photo Credit: Theatre of Magic

Brisbane’s first dedicated magic theatre, the Theatre of Magic, has recently secured a permanent location at The Map Room within The Treasury Hotel. This establishment has quickly gained a significant following and has become immensely popular among magic enthusiasts. At this extraordinary location that the renowned magician Christopher Wayne created, delve into a world of wonder and enchantment. 

The Theatre of Magic is a captivating spectacle that pays homage to the renowned Magic Castle in Los Angeles. This extraordinary production features the incredible skills of three exceptionally talented Australian magicians: Christopher Wayne, Josh Norbido, and Kerry Domann.

With their mesmerising abilities and mind-boggling tricks, the trio manages to hold audiences spellbound, executing their illusions with astonishing precision and leaving spectators in awe. What’s even more impressive is that they perform their acts mere inches away from the viewers’ faces, creating an intimate and immersive experience.

Photo Credit: Theatre of Magic

Brisbane’s entertainment scene has found a new gem with this one-of-a-kind magic experience. It further cements the city’s status as a thriving hub for talented artists and performers. The Theatre of Magic offers an enchanting experience with its intimate setting, exceptional talent, and the promise of an unforgettable night out for all attendees.

Published Date 19-June-2024