Home Sew Bids Goodbye as James and Erica Embrace Retirement

Since 1988, Home Sew in Aspley Hypermarket has been home to people passionate about sewing. Owners James and Erica Enraght-Moony were known not only among adults but children too as they made sure that the skill and enjoyment of sewing is passed on to the youths through their sewing classes for children for the past 30 years.

In what could only be best described as a bittersweet moment, Home Sew had closed its doors early this March as both James and Erica felt that the time has now come for them to both retire.

The couple had been in the sewing machine industry since 1974. Counting more than 40 years of hard work, the couple now looks forward to leisure travelling, studying new things, and most especially of all, spending more time with their 13 grandchildren.


Credit: James Enraght-Moony

In media interviews, James mentioned that technology and e-commerce had affected their store and made the sewing machine industry dormant for the past years. Nevertheless, he remains proud about the collectible treasures that Home Sew has kept through the years. To date, the store is still home to old sewing machines as nearly as 100 years old and the couple are willing to sell them to interested collectors.

James described his retirement as a roller coaster ride, particularly the part where he needed to say goodbye to his wonderful staff and loyal customers who had been friends through all the years.

His staff were equally sentimental but happy at the same time.

Sharyn Fridolf-Merrin, one of Home Sew’s long time staff said Home Sew had served, helped, and educated people along the way. She bid goodbye to the store by participating in its final dismantling operation. She also expressed her support to both James and Erica.

“I’d like to wish both James and Erica a happy retirement, one that has been well earned, it has been a pleasure to work with and learn from you both over the years! Best wishes for the future!”