Oldest Bike Shop In Australia Hoffy Cycles Looking For New Owner

Hoffy Cycles, the oldest bike shop in Australia, has been in business since 1928. Now, it is up for sale as Marie Nobbs, who took the helm 12 years ago when her partner Les Bews died, prepares for retirement and prepares to pass the iconic bike shop on to someone new.

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The bike shop, located at Bowser Parade in Sandgate has been trading since 1928 in the same weatherboard building where it was founded by Bill Hoffman. Mr Hoffman likely had no idea that it would turn out to be one of the most enduring and successful businesses in the city.

In 1942, Hoffman hired the young Eric Hendren as his apprentice at the shop. However, when Mr Hoffman passed away years later, Mr Hendren took over and earned a name for himself for supplying and servicing top-quality road bikes to Brisbane.

Founder Bill Hoffman (Photo credit: Hoffy Cycles/Facebook)

In 1979, Mr Hendren hired Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch who became quite known among cyclists for his specialist accessories and cast lug sets.

Almost a decade from when he took over, Mr Hendren sold the shop to Les Bews, who purchased the shop out of his love for biking. Then, Mr Bews also passed away, his partner Marie Nobbs, started managing the bike shop.

Photo credit: Hoffy Cycles/Facebook

Current owner Marie Nobbs, the fourth since the bike shop opened 95 years ago, has been running the bike shop for almost 10 years and struggled with the decision to retire. Although it was a hard decision to make, Ms Nobbs said there’s no mechanic so they can no longer do any servicing for now. She is also looking to pass the torch to someone with the same love for biking who would be willing to continue the Hoffy Cycles legacy.

Many of the bicycles from Hoffy, particularly the custom-built ones, are much-loved in the biking community and were regarded as collectors’ items.

The shop enjoys an excellent reputation among biking aficionados and cyclists as the best in Brisbane, and their custom bicycles are now collectors’ pieces.

Besides selling quality bikes and a wide selection of parts and accessories, Hoffy Cycles has earned the reputation for having a quick turnaround time in terms of servicing and repairs.

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The sale of Hoffy Cycles is being handled by Jim McKeering Real Estate. For those who are interested, kindly contact local agent Jacqui McKeering through their website.

Published 18-March-2023