Fast Food Drive-Thru Coming to Aspley Commercial Redevelopment

Plans have been approved for the redevelopment of an existing commercial building in Aspley, which will incorporate a new fast food outlet with a drive-thru and outdoor dining area.

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The development application was lodged in late 2023 and the decision to approve the plans was handed down in January 2024. The proposal will reconfigure the current building layout to integrate a fast food restaurant and retail store at 1289 Gympie Road.

The building design by architecture firm V Architecture includes additional wood finish cladding and elements to promote a high-quality customer experience, according to the application.

Artist’s impression of the approved drive-thru (Photo credit: V Architecture)

Whilst some neighbouring locals raised concerns about potential increases in noise and pollution from a 24/7 fast food drive-thru, the application was ultimately given the green light.

Plans  (Photo credit: V Architecture)

The layout facilitates an improved drive-thru area, indoor dining space and 44 parking spots. Part of the existing building will be demolished to allow for the changes.

In total, there will be 117 sqm of retail space and 245 sqm for the fast food outlet. New signage, landscaping, and pedestrian access from Gympie Rd were also included in the plans.

Photo credit: V Architecture

Planners stated that “the development adopts a human scale with the pedestrian access accented by low level landscaping with an awning extended over the shop fronts”. It said the venue “will continue to deliver a layout that accommodates both a fast-food restaurant and a retail/shop establishment.”

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The operating hours for the recently approved fast food outlet along Gympie Rd, Aspley are set at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Construction is expected to begin soon.

Published 7-February-2024 

Carseldine Fast Food Outlet Proposes Drive-Through and Renovations

A development application has been submitted by Ampol to modify an existing fast food outlet at 1760 Gympie Road in Carseldine. 

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The proposed changes include consolidating four current food and retail tenancies into three larger spaces, adding a drive-through lane, and making minor updates to the building facade and parking lot.

The site is already home to a fast food outlet and under the new proposal, the four existing food, drink and shop spaces would be consolidated into a 298 sqm Fast Food Outlet 1 with outdoor dining, a 98.5 sqm Fast Food Outlet 2, and a 98.5 sqm Tenancy 3 for food, drink or retail use.

Plans (Photo credit: TFA Project Group)

New signage, mesh screening and subtle changes to the upper exterior of the building are proposed. The total number of parking spaces would also be reduced by approximately 17 spots.

Fast food outlet
Photo credit: Nearmap

“Due to the nature of the Food & Drink Outlet being a drive-through, the parking demands associated with this use are expected to be lower. It is expected that a significant proportion of customers will use the drive through instead of parking on-site and walking into the tenancy,” planners noted regarding the reduction in number of parking spaces.

Fast food outlet
1760 Gympie Rd, Carseldine (Photo credit: Google Street View)

According to plans prepared by TFA Project Group on behalf of Ampol, the intent is to make minor modifications to allow for updated and expanded food and drink choices at the site. The addition of a drive-through lane aims to improve convenience and accessibility.

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The proposed changes are relatively minor but would bring new dining and shopping options to the area. The application will need approval from Brisbane City Council before the Carseldine fast food outlet can be updated.

Published 26-July-2023

Aspley Village Precinct Project Works Underway

In February 2019, significant works to refurbish and revitalise the shopping district at Gympie Road in Aspley have already commenced.

Now that the Aspley Village Precinct Project is underway, locals are looking forward to see the Brisbane City Council’s $5.9-million streetscape improvement project for Gympie Road.

To make the precinct safer and more accessible for both locals and visitors, the Council will upgrade the footpaths and will install a signalised pedestrian crossing upgrade on the road.

Other proposed improvements include a new streetscape furniture including seats, bins, bike racks and drinking fountains as well as unique seating including coloured urban stools and custom-designed seats.

To make the shopping precinct on Gympie Road more attractive, there will be public artwork and artwork murals, street trees for shade and garden beds as well as an Aspley welcome signage.

Artist impression of proposed works, inbound at 1331 Gympie Road (Photo Credit:

Construction will primarily take place between 7:00 pm to 5:00 am, Sunday to Thursday. The majority of works will be undertaken at night when traffic volumes are lowest to ensure the safety of motorists and workers, and to minimise disruptions to businesses.

While some daytime constructions will be required, the Council assured they will minimise the impact of works on the community as much as possible.

Depending on weather and construction conditions, works at Aspley are expected to be completed in November 2019.

About the Village Precinct Project

The Council launched the project in September 2018 to improve the precinct’s amenity and attractiveness. It is part of the Brisbane’s Future Blueprint that aims to create vibrant suburban centres for local communities.

Before proceeding with the project, the Council consulted Aspley’s local residents and business owners to find out what they want and the amenities they need for their local area.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk believes the Council’s delivery of Village Precinct Projects will help to rejuvenate and improve the amenity of Brisbane’s local retail villages.

“We have already seen significant improvements to the public realms at Chermside and New Farm and now Council is getting on with creating liveable places and welcoming neighbourhood centres for the local community and visitors to enjoy elsewhere across the city,” Cr Quirk said.

Cr Quirk said the Village Precinct Projects are all about supporting local businesses, driving economic growth in local retail areas and helping enhance the local identity of the areas.

“Delivery of new street furniture such as seating, bins, bike racks and drinking fountains as well as upgrading footpaths can dramatically change the accessibility and feel of a local shopping street,” he said.

To stay up to date on the Aspley Village Precinct Project, follow the Brisbane City Council website.

Active Collision Technology on Trial at Busy Aspley Intersection

Robinson Road West on intersection with Gympie Road in Aspley is currently testing the Hold the Red technology as part of efforts to reduce collisions caused by motorists running red lights.

The Ministry for Transport and Main Roads selected the Aspley intersection after it was identified as a potentially dangerous intersection. It is one of the busiest intersections in Queensland, with more than 68,000 vehicles passing through the intersection every day. In the past five years, there were 24 crashes and 11 serious injuries due to crashes at the intersection.

The technology uses radar to see if vehicles are about to run a red light. When this happens, the opposing traffic lights are forced to stay on red to prevent a possible collision.

Preventing Collisions

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey revealed that the technology is already being used in Florida where it has been instrumental in the significant decline of collisions at intersections.

Mr Bailey said that around 11 percent of critical road casualties in the state happened at intersections with traffic lights.

“During the past five years, 42 people have been killed and more than 3,000 hospitalised in crashes at signalised intersections in Queensland,” said Mr Bailey.

“Red light running is a complex problem. There is no single reason why drivers do it but what we do know is that resulting accidents are likely to be T-bone crashes, which have a higher potential of causing death or serious injury.

“Hold the Red lowers the risk of a crash at sites where it is installed while still allowing for offenders to be penalised.

“This will keep other drivers safe, while still acting as a deterrence to offenders.”

Queensland’s peak monitoring body RACQ lauded the introduction of the Hold the Red technology at crash prone intersections.

RACQ’s Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding believes that the system could help prevent T-bone crashes.

“We look forward to the results of the trial and are always interested in new technologies that can reduce crashes,” Mr Spalding said.

Aspley Village Precinct Project Soon to Commence this Year

The Aspley Village Precinct Project of the Brisbane City Council is all set for a 2019 launch after the project team’s presentation of their improved proposal.

In September 2018, the Council introduced this $5.9-million streetscape improvement project which aims to refurbish and revitalise the shopping district at Gympie Road in Aspley.  Its main objective is to boost local economic growth within the neighbourhood.

The project is part of  Brisbane’s Future Blueprint, which aims to create a city of neighbourhoods with vibrant, connected, and safe centres for both locals and visitors.

Initial Proposal

Aspley Village Precinct Project Draft
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council
Aspley Village Precinct Project Draft
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The initial improvements planned by the Council’s project team for the Aspley Village Precinct Project include:

  • Upgraded signalised pedestrian crossing on Gympie Road to secure safety in the area. This is still subject for final approval from the Queensland Government.
  • Upgraded footpaths for improved accessibility, maintenance, and visual amenity.
  • Realignment of existing pedestrian crossings and placing of additional cautionary tactile pavings on kerb ramps for improved safety.
  • Additional planting of trees and groundcover plants  for improved visual and physical amenities.
  • Additional street furnitures and public artworks for people to use and enjoy.

Community Consultation

The community consultation period was completed in September 2018. All the feedback and ideas given by the concerned members of the community were collected through an online survey and three community consultation sessions.

At present, the council is still developing its updated proposal as a response to the feedback given by the community. The new and improved proposal is expected to be released soon.

Aspley Gympie Road
Satellite View of Aspley Village Precinct Project. Photo credit: Google Maps

What’s Next

Onsite construction will follow after the presentation of the project team’s improvement proposal. With both time and weather permitting, it will be ideal for construction to begin early of 2019 and  be completed by the end of the year.

To ensure minimal disturbances occurring during the construction phase of the Aspley Precinct Project, the Council will conduct a consultation meeting amongst the businesses located in the shopping centre. By doing so, the Council also safeguards the shops’ access during their business hours.

Aspley Shopping Precinct to Get a $5.9 Million Upgrade

As part of the Village Precinct Projects, Brisbane City Council has invested $5.9 million for the revitalisation of the Aspley shopping precinct along Gympie Road.

BCC has already released the draft opportunities plan for the shopping precinct and is now seeking feedback from the community.

Aspley Village Precinct Project

The multi-million streetscape improvement project aims to enhance the strip of shops on Gympie Road, from Robinson Road West and Albany Creek Road, to Windrest Avenue and Gayford Street, Aspley.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Upgrades to the precinct will include the following:

  • a signalised pedestrian crossing upgrade on Gympie Road, subject to final approval from the Queensland Government
  • footpath upgrades to improve accessibility, maintenance, and visual amenity
  • improving pedestrian crossing safety by realigning existing pedestrian crossings and adding cautionary tactile paving to existing kerb ramps where possible
  • tree planting to improve visual and physical amenity
  • groundcover plantings to new and existing garden beds to improve visual amenity
  • street furniture and unique seating to improve physical amenity and accessibility
  • public artwork to enrich local identity and express local culture.​

Community Consultation

Council will be working with the local community in improving the draft plans for the upgrades.

In fact, a community survey is currently available online where you can provide your feedback for the project. Council would like to hear your views on the Aspley neighbourhood centre as well as what it is about the local area that makes it important to you.

The feedback gathered from the community will significantly help in the creation of the improvement proposal.

Locals can send their feedback online until Friday, 28 September 2018.

Complete this short survey to provide your feedback.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Next Steps

After the community consultation, BCC will prepare an improvement proposal and will have it on display in the Aspley shopping precinct in early 2019.

Once the proposal is approved, construction will begin in early 2019 and be completed by late 2019. Council will consult with each business in the shopping centre to make sure that minimal disruption occurs during construction. Furthermore, the Council will maintain access to every shop in the shopping centre during business hours.

The local community will then be invited to attend an event that will celebrate the completion of the project.

To learn more about the Aspley shopping precinct upgrade, visit the official Aspley Village Precinct Project page or contact the project team on 3403 8888.