Retirees Attend QPS Session on Avoiding Online Scams at Geebung RSL

A group of retirees from the northside recently gained more knowledge in avoiding online scams through the information session conducted by the Queensland Police Service (QPS) at the Geebung RSL. 

Attended by the members of the North Brisbane Association of Independent Retirees, the session took place on 18 March and covered topics relating to email scams and cybersecurity. 

According to QPS, it’s always wise to never open emails or click on documents and attachments from senders that they are not familiar with. If unsure, retirees can always call up the bank or the agency supposedly sending the email, and verify if it’s legitimate.

Scamwatch Australia said that older people are more vulnerable to scams because of their accumulated wealth. These scammers usually target social media and dating sites, where there are many vulnerable divorcees, widows and widowers. Retirees are also often less savvy when it comes to computers or the internet, hence they are easy targets of scams. 

Another indication of a potential scam is “poor spelling or grammar.” The tone of the message also sounds urgent, often asking the person to “act now.” 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Some of the most common scams include unexpected lottery wins, rebates and inheritance. In this pandemic, at least 6,120 online scams were reported with over $8.4 million in losses in the country.

Meanwhile, Geebung RSL was recently recognised as Best Licensed Club – 3rd Place – at the Keno and Club Queensland Awards for 2021.

Geebung RSL Board, Management & Staff are proud to advise our 14,000 service and social members of the recognition the Club received last night at the Clubs Queensland Awards for Excellence,” the management said.

“The Award is a tribute to our amazing staff and loyal club members who support the club from week to week and during challenging times such as the numerous COVID business closures over the past 12 months.

“The Award importantly, pays recognition to our hardworking Sub Branch administration and volunteer welfare and support advocates who take care of the needs of our local veterans each and every day.”