Aspley Gym Incurs $1 Million in Damages After Fire Ravages Facilities

A fire that erupted during peak hours at Fitness Cartel, one of Brisbane’s newest and largest gyms located in Aspley, caused approximately $1 million in damages.

The fire, which originated in an infra-red sauna, was discovered just before 4:00 p.m. on the 17th of June 2024 when the gym was bustling with patrons.

Nathan James, the founder of Fitness Cartel, recounted a trainer spotting a glowing light inside the sauna and quickly evacuating the premises, ensuring everyone’s safety. Despite the gym being full, the fire brigade was able to contain the flames before they caused even more extensive damage.

The intensity of the fire was such that objects 30 metres away from the blaze, including a sanitiser dispenser and an emergency exit sign, melted due to the heat. While the fire destroyed significant portions of the gym, including the bathrooms and roughly 50% of the overall facilities, the swift action of emergency services prevented total loss.

The aftermath leaves the gym with severe structural and water damage, requiring extensive repairs.

As the clean-up and restoration commence, James has rallied a team of 16 tradespeople to work on refurbishing the gym with an aim to reopen by the 5th of July. 

Fitness Cartel Aspley
Photo Credit: Fitness Cartel Aspley

In the interim, Fitness Cartel plans to accommodate its members at nearby locations in Virginia and Nundah. Despite previous experiences with natural disasters, such as floods and cyclones, James emphasized his team’s resilience and forward-looking strategy to overcome this setback.

James also expressed concern for his staff, particularly primary earners in their families. The temporary closure of the gym could impact their livelihoods amid a cost of living crisis. However, plans are underway to redistribute staff to other facilities, ensuring minimal disruption to their income.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) confirmed their swift response to the emergency call, managing to extinguish the fire shortly after arrival. The building has since been handed back to the management for ongoing recovery efforts. Further investigations will determine the precise cause of the fire and assess additional safety measures to prevent future incidents.

Published 21-June-2024