Bridgeman Downs Reveals New Commercial Centre with a Conservation Twist

Bridgeman Downs residents can soon enjoy a new commercial hub, Beckett Place, spearheaded by developer Adpen. This much-needed facility will include a childcare centre, service station, and various restaurants.

In addition to serving the community, the project, DA A005226738, approved in 2020, also plays a significant role in wildlife conservation with a $1 million privately funded koala crossing over busy Beckett Road.

This crucial addition aims to reconnect a previously disconnected wildlife corridor, ensuring safe passage for local animals and contributing to the area’s ecological health.

Beckett Place prioritises environmental responsibility alongside its commercial offerings.

Plans include:

  • Retaining and rehabilitating one hectare of existing native vegetation.
  • Planting over 1,500 new trees on the site.
  • Creating a 25-metre-wide green corridor linked to the fauna overpass, further facilitates animal movement.
  • Implementing a 2.4-metre-high fauna exclusion fence to prevent wildlife from entering traffic areas.

“We realised this site could play a more important environmental role,” said Adam Pennisi, the young developer behind the project. He highlighted the importance of the project’s location for wildlife movement due to its proximity to Cabbage Tree Creek and Albany Creek.

Director and Principal Ecologist Wayne Moffitt, provided expert advice on the project. He emphasises the long-term benefits of the fauna corridor, stating it “will be a showcase of environmentally sustainable development.”

Photo Credit: Supplied

Whilst prioritising the environment, Beckett Place also addresses the growing community’s needs for essential services and housing. The project aims to alleviate the current housing crisis in Brisbane.

Adpen, with its focus on thoughtful development and community well-being, positions Beckett Place as a model for future projects that balance progress with environmental responsibility.

Construction is expected to begin within a few months.

Published Date 17-April-2024