Shorncliffe: A Coastal Haven of Sun, Surf and Savoury Delights

Escape the ordinary and discover the hidden gem of Shorncliffe, a coastal paradise where natural wonders and culinary delights collide. This idyllic town offers a revitalising retreat for those seeking solace in the embrace of nature and the tantalising flavours of the region.

Shorncliffe: A Historical Gem

Shorncliffe Pier
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

Shorncliffe’s iconic pier, built in 1882, quickly evolved from a transport hub into a beloved recreational spot. Locals and tourists flocked to the pier for strolls, fishing, and sea baths in segregated swimming areas. In the 1930s, a shark-proof enclosure was added, proving its worth in 1948 when a large shark was caught, captivating onlookers.

By the mid-1950s, the pier became the starting point for the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race, a tradition that continues today. The Shorncliffe Pier remains a popular destination, offering a picturesque setting for walks, fishing, and stunning views of Moreton Bay.

A Dawn Chorus at Shorncliffe Pier

Early birds are rewarded with a spectacular sunrise symphony over the bay, painting the sky in a vibrant tapestry of colours. Wrap your hands around a steaming cuppa from local favourites like The Wired Owl or Cocoa Biscotti, and find your perch on Shorncliffe Pier for an unforgettable morning spectacle.

Adventure Awaits: Kayak, Kitesurf and Canine Capers

As daylight floods the landscape, embrace the call of adventure. Glide across the glistening waters on a kayak or harness the wind’s power with a kitesurfing lesson from the experts at Surf Connect. Even furry friends can join in the fun, with a dedicated off-leash dog beach ensuring everyone has a tail-wagging good time.

Neighbours Sites Around Shornecliffe

Hop on a bicycle and embark on a scenic journey along the scenic boardwalk that connects Shorncliffe with neighbouring Brighton and Sandgate. Along the way, a plethora of culinary delights tempt the taste buds.

Baaia: Indulge in a locally-sourced brunch feast, with seasonal dishes like harissa sweet potato hash cakes and pork belly eggs benedict.

Photo Credit: Baaia

Sandgate Fishmonger: A must-visit for award-winning fish and chips, complemented by generous scoops of creamy gelato.

Sandgate Fishmonger
Photo Credit: Sandgate Fishmonger

Full Moon Hotel: Unwind with live music, refreshing spritzers, succulent oysters, and the signature ale and miso ribs.

Full Moon Hotel
Photo Credit: Full Moon Hotel

From thrilling water sports to delectable dining experiences, Shorncliffe offers a delightful coastal escape that caters to every taste and temperament. Whether you’re chasing the sunrise, conquering the waves, or simply savouring the flavours of the region, Shorncliffe promises an unforgettable day trip filled with sunshine, smiles, and satisfying sensations.

Published Date 23-May-2024