Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Boondall to Host Australian Freedom Conference

The Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Boondall is set to become a battleground for ideas as it hosts the Australian Freedom Conference.

Headlined by controversial US media figure Tucker Carlson and Australian businessman Clive Palmer, the event on the 22nd of June 2024, promises to delve into perceived “threats to truth, democracy, and personal freedoms.”

Tucker Carlson
Photo Credit: Tucker Carlson

Carlson, known for his outspoken views and dismissal of mainstream narratives, will be joined by filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and Queensland GP Dr Melissa McCann. The conference is part of a larger tour across Australia, organised by Clive Palmer’s Mineralogy, and aims to spark a national conversation on the state of democracy and personal liberties.

Palmer has voiced his support for Carlson’s scepticism of Western media, echoing the sentiment that news coverage can be a “tool of repression and control.”. He believes that open dialogue and fearless truth-telling are essential for a functioning democracy.

Australian Freedom Conference
Photo Credit: Clive Palmer

Carlson, on his first visit to Australia, expressed his admiration for the country while also criticizing its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. He views the conference as an opportunity to connect with Australians who share his concerns about government overreach and the erosion of freedoms.

This conference follows a series of sold-out events featuring prominent COVID-19 doctors, also facilitated by Palmer. The businessman has been actively involved in challenging COVID-related mandates, notably funding a successful legal challenge against Queensland’s vaccination requirements for frontline workers.

 Australian Freedom Conference
Photo Credit: Clive Palmer

The Australian Freedom Conference is expected to draw a diverse crowd, including supporters of Carlson and Palmer, as well as critics and curious onlookers. With its focus on controversial topics and high-profile speakers, the event is poised to generate significant debate and media attention.

Published Date 10-June-2024