Check Out Christmas Lights Display in Aspley while Dining Out

Avegates, Multicap’s social experience network services for people with disabilities, is hosting “Dining Out – Christmas Lights and Breakup BBQ Brisbane North” on the 17th of December at Multicap Aspley. Tickets are available for $32.19.

The event is one of Avegates’ many initiatives aimed at enabling people with disabilities to be part of a social group where they can experience holidays, become members of clubs, and participate in merry-making during special events. Essentially, through the event and other similar activities, they can live more meaningful lives and active lifestyles.

“Our passion is for every individual’s right to connect and realise the possibilities available to them and this drives us to always believe that there is a way. We create opportunity. We are champions of possibility. We inspire partnerships of support. Our door is always open.”

Multicap has been providing assistance and empowerment to people with disability since its establishment in 1962. It was founded by six families who believed in the “multiple capabilities” of their children, hence the name “Multicap.” In a span of 50 years, the organisation has now become a community of more than 700 people, all receiving tailored assistance depending on their needs and goals.

Multicap has also been providing services across northern suburbs of Brisbane, from the river up to the border of Moreton Bay Regional Council. All centres are focused on leisure and learning activities that can teach their patients to establish friendship, gain independence, and undergo continual learning. One of its centres that are regularly hosting day program activities is located in Aspley.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the “Dining Out – Christmas Lights and Breakup BBQ Brisbane North” event, ultimately to mingle with people who are under the care of Multicap. To purchase tickets, please click here.

Christmas lights have also been switched across several streets in Aspley, hence Avegates’ dining out event is both a joyous and purposeful occasion which family members can partake of.

The following Aspley locations have already switched on their amazing Christmas lights display:

54 Kildonan Street

115 Horn Road

24 Muneera Crescent

Multicap Aspley 487is located at Ellison Road.