Ca Phe In Bakery-Cafe Now Open, Replaces Zillmere Bakery

Newly-opened Ca Phe In bakery-cafe, brings a whole new vibe to what was once the Zillmere Bakery.

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Nestled off Handford Road in Zillmere, the Zillmere bakery had been serving freshly baked bread and delicious home-cooked pies since 1997. After more than two decades of operations, owners Phuc Nguyen and Thuy Tran, thought it would be the right time to sell the beloved shop.

zillmere bakery
The old Zillmere Bakery (Photo credit: Marco Tanzi/Google Maps)

It was then that their son Donny stepped in and decided to rebrand the iconic bakery, rather than sell it. Donny was a pharmacist for five years and studied law before getting into this venture and deciding to manage the family business.

Donny, with the help of co-owner Kim Ly Mckimmin, gave the place a brand new look yet kept hold of the family’s tradition.

ca phe in zillmere
Photo credit: Anselmo Matsui/Google Maps

“The new shop will be called Ca Phe In but it will still be owned by the same family that has been at Zillmere Bakery for the past 25 years. Don’t worry we will still have the same great tasting pies and sausage rolls waiting for you when we reopen,” the management announced on social media.

Ca Phe In will still serve some of the bakery’s signature items, including meat pies, Vietnamese pork rolls, and fresh cream doughnuts. The place is nicer and newer, and patrons can look forward to the added coffee and drinks to their menu.

ca phe in
Photo credit: Anselmo Matsui/Google Maps

Kraegy, one of their customers who kept coming back for Zillmere’s pies, was among those who were excited about the bakery’s reopening.

“I live on the Southside but will detour for this bakery,” he said.

Just a trivia, the restaurant’s name, when said fast enough, sounds like caffeine, but it’s actually a Vietnamese word for coffee.

Ca Phe In is open Tuesday-Sunday from 5:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.