There’s Something for Everyone at the Einbunpin Festival in Sandgate

Preparations are nearly set for one of the largest community events in North Brisbane, where there’s something for every visitor. It’s all systems go for the Einbunpin Festival to be held at the lagoon and parkland on Brighton Road in Sandgate.

Happening on Sunday, 25 July 2021, the Einbunpin Festival pools the artistic talents of the locals and the vibrancy of the Sandgate community. As with previous events, hundreds of stalls will be lined up at the park, whilst entertaining performances, games and activities will be underway from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The annual event, mounted for the last 28 years with the support of the Sandgate & Bracken Ridge Action Group and the Brisbane City Council, is a wonderful opportunity for discovering good food, treasures and great finds from local artisans and musical talents. It’s also an exciting chance to catch up with the residents. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

Eibunpin is based on magical winter creatures that live in the lagoon and come out during winter’s first dark moon and then disappear after August’s first full moon. A German missionary named Christopher Eipper found out about their existence in 1840 among the Aborigines of the Turrbal tribe living around the Sandgate lagoon, where there was an abundance of tuberous roots for food. He claimed that he heard the tribes refer to something in the lagoon as a Bun Yun Pin or Yin Pin Bun.

“Ein in EinBunPin is German and so today we have a word that is part aboriginal and part German that we now broadly interpret as the lagoon where one gathers roots,” local Jeff Cheyne revealed and described the Bunpins as naughty and mischievous creatures that dress up in flower petals and leaves, flying from tree to tree.  

Meanwhile, the festival program and the stallholder or food vendor showcase have not yet been revealed but you can follow the updates on the official site or the Facebook page