Bridgeman Downs Man Awarded $3K Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant

Congratulations to Flynn Testa, a 20-year-old apprentice plumber from Bridgeman Downs, one of the lucky recipients of a Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant.

Now in his second year as an apprentice, Flynn was practically born with a wrench in his hand. With his father running a successful plumbing, draining, and gasfitting business, and his mother working alongside him, plumbing runs deep in the Testa family. 

“I was born and bred into the plumbing industry,” Flynn says. “It felt like the best fit for me.”

Growing up, Flynn attended Aspley State High School, where traditional classroom learning didn’t quite click for him. Instead, he found his passion in plumbing, a hands-on, problem-solving career. This led him to start a school-based apprenticeship in Year 12.

Bridgeman Downs Flynn Testa Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants
Photo Credit: Supplied

Learning the Ropes

Flynn’s typical day as an apprentice is anything but typical. In his early days, he focused on mastering the use of various tools and plumbing fittings and organizing the work vehicle. A year later, he’s now proficient in installing valves and components for hot water units, a specialty of his father’s company, which installs, services, and repairs solar heat pumps and electric gas hot water systems.

“Most of my day-to-day activities involve hot water, and I feel the most confident in this area,” Flynn explains. 

His training is a mix of on-the-job experience and technical knowledge gained from TAFE, where he attends one day a week. He also benefits from one-on-one tutoring for the more theoretical aspects of the trade.

Ambitions and Aspirations

Flynn’s ambitions are as clear as the water flowing through the pipes he works on. He aims to excel in his apprenticeship and become a highly skilled tradesperson known for quality workmanship.

“I want to deliver quality workmanship and have a reputation for outstanding work that not only meets but surpasses expectations,” Flynn says. 

He also hopes to inspire and educate future generations, particularly school leavers considering a career in plumbing.

Advice to Aspiring Tradespeople

Flynn has some sage advice for students in Years 10, 11, and 12 contemplating their future careers.

“Plumbing is a solid, rewarding, and fulfilling lifelong career,” he says. “If you love hands-on and practical work, get into it as soon as you can. In Year 10, you can do work experience to determine if it’s something you want to pursue in the future. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

The Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant

The Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants have doubled the number of grants this year, allowing 20 apprentices to share in $60,000. With over 1,000 applications submitted, the independent judging panel was impressed with the high calibre and diversity of the submissions. Each recipient receives $2,000 to assist with TAFE/RTO fees, textbooks, and an additional $1,000 tool voucher to help build their all-important trade toolbox, totalling $3,000.

Flynn is among the 20 recipients recognised for their dedication and hard work in the plumbing industry. With his strong family background in plumbing, hands-on experience, and passion for the trade, Flynn is well on his way to making a significant impact in the plumbing industry. 

Published 19-June-2024

Bridgeman Downs Magician Josh Norbido Brings Wonder to Hometown

Josh Norbido is different from your average magician. With accolades from celebrities and technical consulting roles for Hollywood movies, he has carved out a niche as one of the most captivating magicians in Australia.

The high praises he received from Nicole Scherzinger and Chef Manu Feildel is just the tip of the iceberg for a man whose technical prowess with a deck of cards earned him a consulting role for Cate Blanchett in preparation for her role in Ocean’s 8. Additionally, he was the lead card shuffling consultant for Russell Crowe’s 2022 movie Poker Face.

First Memory of Magic

Photo Credit: Josh Norbido

“My first ever memory of magic was witnessing a thumb being pulled off at the age of six. It was mind-blowing,” Josh recalls. This childhood wonder sparked a lifelong passion for magic.

Go-to Magic Moment

For Josh, the most enchanting moments are those that happen in the spectator’s own hands. “It’s always the magic that happens in the spectator’s very own hands,” he says, highlighting his performances’ personal and intimate nature.

Magic Inspirations

Josh draws inspiration from some of the greatest names in magic, including David Blaine, Asi Wind, Steve Cohen, and France’s David Stone.

Why People Love Magic

Photo Credit: Josh Norbido

According to Josh, “The older we get, the less magical the world becomes. Magic is one of the few things left that can still give people the true feeling of wonder.” This belief underscores his dedication to his craft and his desire to bring joy and amazement to his audiences.

Beyond the Spotlight

Favorite Animal, Food, Drink: “Dogs 4 life. Shepherd’s Pie, Southern Comfort & Coke,” Josh reveals, showcasing his down-to-earth and relatable side.

Most Embarrassing Moment

Even seasoned performers have their mishaps. Josh recalls, “Being on stage and having a raw egg break in my jacket pocket with 40 minutes of the show still to go.” Such moments add a layer of humility to his charismatic persona.

Alternate Career Path

If he weren’t a world-famous magician, Josh envisions himself as a quirky personal trainer, combining his love for fitness with his unique personality.

Theatre of Magic

Photo Credit: Josh Norbido

In three words, Josh describes his show, Theatre of Magic, as “Surprise, Happiness, Laughter.” This trifecta of emotions is what he aims to deliver in every performance.

Bridgeman Downs magician Josh Norbido still feels on cloud nine as his dreams finally come true, helping weave a new chapter in Brisbane’s entertainment story. “This format of magic doesn’t exist anywhere else in Queensland, so being able to bring this to the city I’ve grown up in is a dream come true,” Norbido said.

Josh Norbido’s journey from a fascinated six-year-old to a world-renowned magician is a testament to his dedication and passion for the art of magic. With Theatre of Magic, he continues to enchant and amaze, ensuring that the magic never fades from our lives.

A New Home for Magic

Photo Credit: Theatre of Magic

Brisbane’s first dedicated magic theatre, the Theatre of Magic, has recently secured a permanent location at The Map Room within The Treasury Hotel. This establishment has quickly gained a significant following and has become immensely popular among magic enthusiasts. At this extraordinary location that the renowned magician Christopher Wayne created, delve into a world of wonder and enchantment. 

The Theatre of Magic is a captivating spectacle that pays homage to the renowned Magic Castle in Los Angeles. This extraordinary production features the incredible skills of three exceptionally talented Australian magicians: Christopher Wayne, Josh Norbido, and Kerry Domann.

With their mesmerising abilities and mind-boggling tricks, the trio manages to hold audiences spellbound, executing their illusions with astonishing precision and leaving spectators in awe. What’s even more impressive is that they perform their acts mere inches away from the viewers’ faces, creating an intimate and immersive experience.

Photo Credit: Theatre of Magic

Brisbane’s entertainment scene has found a new gem with this one-of-a-kind magic experience. It further cements the city’s status as a thriving hub for talented artists and performers. The Theatre of Magic offers an enchanting experience with its intimate setting, exceptional talent, and the promise of an unforgettable night out for all attendees.

Published Date 19-June-2024

Magician Extraordinaire from Bridgeman Downs Headlines Theatre of Magic in New Home

The world of magic is about to get even more spellbinding as Bridgeman Downs’ magician extraordinaire, Josh Norbido, known for his awe-inspiring card mastery and mesmerising performances, headlines the cast of Brisbane’s Theatre of Magic in their new home in the city.

A Rising Star Joins the Ensemble

Mr Norbido, affectionately referred to as “Hot Magic Josh” by Nicole Scherzinger during his remarkable run as a semi-finalist on “Australia’s Got Talent,” is set to bring his unparalleled talents to Theatre of Magic. His technical finesse with a deck of cards has left audiences and industry veterans alike in awe, earning him accolades and opportunities beyond the stage.

In this exciting venture, Mr Norbido joins the ranks of master magician Christopher Wayne and the exceptional entertainer Kerry “Nigel” Domann. This trio of magical talent is poised to take Brisbane by storm, promising an unforgettable theatrical experience that will captivate hearts and minds.

The Magic Unveiled

The Theatre of Magic, the brainchild of Mr Wayne, has secured a stunning permanent home in The Map Room at The Treasury Hotel. This historic venue will serve as the backdrop for their world-class performances, delivering an elegant evening of magic that is both intimate and mesmerizing.

Theatre of Magic
Photo Credit: Josh Norbido/YouTube

“What started as a 12-week experiment turned into four months of sold-out shows, every single weekend! And now we have a stunning permanent home in The Map Room at The Treasury Hotel; it’s perfect given its heritage and history,” Mr Wayne said. 

“Brisbane has nothing like this. It has never had anything like this. We have found a way to bring magic to audiences in an intimate setting, in one of the most beautiful and aged buildings in the entire city.”

Top 10 with Christopher Wayne

Comedy Magician and producer Christopher Wayne is the co-creator and co-star of the biggest Australian magic show in history, The Naked Magicians, as well as creator of the family magic spectacular Showmen. He’s performed on Broadway, in Vegas and London’s West End, and, well, over 300 cities around the world! His passion is creating original, commercial entertainment for families that contains no deep messages or themes, just pure entertainment at a time when we all need it. Brisbane, this one’s for you!

  1. Name and suburb: Christopher Wayne, Newstead
  2. What’s your first memory of Magic?  My first memory is so stereotypical, but it was my Grandfather showing me the cheesiest, most “Grandad” Magic tricks ever.  It changed my life.
  3. What’s your go-to Magic moment/trick/illusion? Any moment that makes people forget about the “now”.  
  4. Who’s your Magic inspiration?  David Copperfield is my biggest inspiration.  He was the person that showed the world that magic was more than just “tricks”, and that you can illicit emotions in people through the artform.
  5. Why do think people love Magic?  We live in a world where the answers to literally everything are in our hands, in our phones.  Magic is one of the few things that comes without logic or explanation.  It’s fantasy, but it’s fantasy happening right in front of your own eyes.
  6. Fave animal, food, drink?  Monkeys, Thai food. Smokey Whiskey.  (Not at the same time, ever.)
  7. Most embarrassing moment?  Dislocating my knee on stage in The Naked Magicians.  Nightmare fuel.  
  8. What would you be doing if you weren’t a world famous magician?  I would be a theatre producer.  It’s close to what I do now, but I am driven by the experience of strangers in a room enjoying live theatre.
  9. In three words, what can audiences expect in Theatre of Magic:  Cocktails.  Magic.  Memories.
  10. What makes you excited about Theatre of Magic in Brisbane: Brisbane hasn’t got anything like this.  It has never had anything like this.  We have found a way to bring magic to you in an intimate setting, in one of the most beautiful and aged buildings in the entire city!

Top 10 With Josh Norbido

There’s the Nicole Scherzinger comment, and Chef Manu Feildel agreed, saying, ‘what you do is impossible and it’s the best magic I have ever seen!’ There’s more…. his technical skill with a deck of cards landed him as a consultant for Australian Academy Award winner Kate Blanchett in lead up to her role in Oceans 8, and as the lead Card Shuffling consultant on Russel Crowe’s 2022 movie “Poker Face.”

  1. Name and suburb: Joshua Norbido, Bridgeman Downs
  2. What’s your first memory of Magic? My first ever memory of Magic was witnessing a thumb being pulled off at the age of six. It was mind blowing.
  3. What’s your go-to Magic Moment? It’s always the Magic that happens in the spectator’s very own hands.
  4. Who’s your Magic inspiration?  David Blaine, Asi Wind, Steve Cohen and David Stone from France.
  5. Why do think people love Magic? I think the older we get, the less Magical the world becomes. Magic is one of the few things left that can still give people the true feeling of wonder.
  6. Fave animal, food, drink? Dogs 4 life. Shepherd’s Pie, Southern Comfort & Coke.
  7. Most embarrassing moment? Being on stage and having a raw egg break in my jacket pocket with 40 minutes of the show still to go.
  8. What would you be doing if you weren’t a world famous magician? I have a love for fitness so I feel like I would have become a very quirky personal trainer haha.
  9. In three words, what can audiences expect in Theatre of Magic: Surprise, Happiness, Laughter.
  10. What makes you excited about Theatre of Magic: This format of Magic does not exist anywhere else in Queensland, so being able to bring this to the city I have grown up in is a dream come true!

Top 10 with Kerry “Nigel” Domann

He’s an exceptional entertainer who has captivated audiences around the world with his unique blend of magic, comedy, charm and memory. His natural talent for making people laugh and his love for magic make him perfect for the Theatre of Magic. Nigel’s ability to engage and connect with his audience is unparalleled, but what sets him apart is his ability to remember everyone’s name in the room, a feat that is not only incredibly difficult to achieve, but mind blowing and unforgettable to witness. 

  1. Name, and suburb you live: Nigel, Birkdale 
  2. What’s your first memory of Magic? Watching Paul Daniel (British magician) on TV.
  3. What’s your go-to Magic moment? Names, I go around and memorise everyone’s name in the audience. 
  4. Who’s your Magic inspiration? Tommy Copper and Harry Andersen.
  5. Why do think people love Magic? It’s simple – for the wonder.
  6. Fave animal, food, drink? Staffy dog named Leroy. Chocolate. Gin & Tonic.
  7. Most embarrassing moment? There’s so many. On my first night ever doing standup at a crazy comedy magic restaurant many years ago nobody applauded or laughed for a solid 10 minutes.  I walked off the stage totally gutted only to do it all over again in the next night, and the next, and the next…. 
  8. What would you be doing if you weren’t a world famous Magician? Qualitative Analyst, I’m a Math and I actually have three degrees!
  9. In three words, what can audiences expect in Theatre of Magic: An unforgettable experience.
  10. What makes you excited about Theatre of Magic in Brisbane? There’s a seamless combination of stunning magic, mind-bending tricks, and sheer amazement that immerses the audience into a world of wonder and excitement. We’ve built anticipation throughout the whole show, we want audiences on the audience on the edges of their seats.

The Theatre of Magic promises Brisbane an evening filled with elegance, wonder, and laughter. Audiences can anticipate a cocktail of surprise, happiness, and laughter, all seamlessly woven into a night they won’t soon forget. With its blend of history, heritage, and the mystique of magic, this new venture offers patrons a truly magical night out.

For those eager to experience this enchanting journey, tickets and more information are available on the official website: Brisbane’s Theatre of Magic.

Published 2-Feb-2024

New Underground Rail Station Could Be Built In Bridgeman Downs

Bridgeman Downs could soon have a new underground rail station, as part of a proposal that would upgrade the Strathpine to Albion station.

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One of the two new rail tracks could be built in Everton Park, which would be adjacent to Everton Park State School at Deakin Street.

This comes after Brisbane City Council finalised the program business case for the North west transport network and has submitted it to Infrastructure Australia, the Australian Government’s independent infrastructure advisor, who will consider the business case recommendations.

Councillor Andrew Wines, Chair of the Infrastructure Committee, said the business case speaks about a 160km/hr train at 24 trains per hour.

According to the business case, there is a potential for eight to 12 extra trains in the peak hour, along with 24 trains per hour service pattern by 2041. 

Bridgeman Downs
Photo credit: Video still credit from Brisbane City Council/YouTube

Because the trains would be faster, it will not be possible to build stops at McDowall and Stafford, although there would be a park-and-ride at Bridgeman Downs that can accommodate 750 vehicles and another one at Everton Park with 175 spaces.

If approved, works for the underground rail station at Bridgeman Downs are anticipated to be complete by 2041.

Strathpine to Albion station upgrade

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The 14-kilometre underground line between Albion and Strathpine, has been proposed to increase capacity for more express service and connections to public transport network and employment, services and facilities.

Bridgeman Downs
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Because of the increase of trips in Brisbane’s north west, Council believes there’s a need to change how we move around the network, whether it’s for commuting, freight, tourism or leisure.

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“Transforming the network requires a range of solutions that cater to the growing demand for these different trip types while making it easier to choose sustainable transport options,” said Council.

The program business case, which sets out a suite of projects for the NWTN, has been submitted to Infrastructure Australia for consideration. This may result in some or all elements being included in their Infrastructure Priority List.

Petition to Stop Development Proposal at Bridgeman Downs Gathers Support

Just days after the application was lodged, an online petition urging the Council to stop the proposed development at Bridgeman Downs was launched and hundreds have already signed supporting the cause.

“Many of us have chosen to live in Bridgeman Downs because of its surrounding bushland and green spaces. These priceless features of Bridgeman Downs are being compromised by the development application for a service station, two fast food outlets, a childcare centre, and 39 townhouses at 415 – 427 Beckett Road, Bridgeman Downs,” the online petition says. 

The petition further stated that the development will significantly reduce the already limited green space and bushland in the area, as well as cause an increase in traffic, noise levels, parked cars along the streets. Such a move will “bring potentially unwanted visitors” to the area and affect property values. 

“These issues aside, there is simply no need for additional fast food outlets, service stations and townhouses in our area. There are numerous service stations and fast food outlets within a 5km radius of our suburb at both Aspley and Albany Creek. 

“We accept that the proposed development area was marked for potential development but the commercial nature of this development is completely unnecessary.“

As of the seond week of July, more than a thousand individuals have already signed in support of the online petition.

The proposed development on Beckett Road, Bridgeman Downs

The proposal by Beckett Road Pty Ltd was lodged 27 June 2019. It involves the development of a Service Station, a Cafe, Food and Drink Outlets, Child Care Centre, Multiple Dwellings, and new roads over four stages; the two existing dwellings will be demolished as part of the proposed development. 

Petition Bridgeman Downs
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

The site is located at 415 and 427 Beckett Road, Bridgeman Downs covering an area of 18,1606sqm with a frontage of about 144m to Beckett Road. 

Stage 1 involves the construction of a Fuel Shop with a Coffee Drive Thru and a Drive Thru Restaurant with 42 car parking spaces and a direct access from Beckett Road. 

Stage 2 involves the construction of a 100-place two-storey Child Care Centre and a single-storey Restaurant with 22 car parking spaces.

Whilst Stages 3 and 4 involve the development of a two-storey 39 semi-attached dwellings (10 dwellings in Stage 3 and 29 dwellings in Stage 4). The dwelling will be broken down into three types with 86 car parking spaces (78-resident and 8-visitor).