Police Spend Under Eights Day at Bracken Ridge State School

The Gateway Crime Prevention team attended the Under Eights Day at Bracken Ridge State School last 27 June 2019.

The Gateway Crime Prevention team along with other emergency services and community based groups had the chance to discuss with the under eights a few things about the police and the role play in the community.

“QPS love having the opportunity to engage with our youngest members of the school communities to talk about how to identify a police officer, what roles police have in our community, and who to go to if they need help,” Sgt Jodie Murray said.

The young students also had a chance to dress up like a real police officer complete with police hats, police shirts, load bearing vests, and bullet proof vests; not to mention, the kids were at their best behavior during the entire event

“At the end of the morning after stickers were given out and fingerprints taken, police left the scene with lights and sirens blazing.”

Under Eights Day at Bracken Ridge State School
Under Eights Day at Bracken Ridge State School

About Bracken Ridge State School

Located on Binburra Street, Bracken Ridge State School is a coeducational independent public school catering to Prep Year up to Year 6 students.

The school’s population comprises mainly of students from its neighbouring areas like Taigum, Sandgate, Bald Hills, Brighton, Fitzgibbon, and those from the immediate Bracken Ridge catchment.

The Bracken Ridge State School also supports inclusion of students with disabilities through its Special Education Program which caters to approximately 32 Prep to Year 6 students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Physical Impairment, Hearing Impairment, and Intellectual Impairment.

School facilities include: double classroom spaces, dedicated prep precinct, all-new  playground equipment, separate playground, swimming pool, soccer field, a sports hall, computer labs, and Outside School Hours Care.