Works Set to Start on Beams Road Crossing Removal

Construction is set to begin this month on the long-awaited project to remove the level crossing at Beams Road in Carseldine.

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This comes after the contract was awarded late last year to Bielby Hull Joint Venture. The Beams Road corridor is a major thoroughfare for northern Brisbane communities, but experiences heavy congestion at the rail crossing, especially during peak periods. The new four-lane overpass will separate road and rail traffic to improve safety and flow.

Upgrades to pedestrian and cycling connections are also planned. Work has already been completed to improve the existing Park ‘n’ Ride at Carseldine Station, including a new entrance from Balcara Avenue.

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Early works like clearing, fencing and service relocation will prepare the site for major construction. Many locals welcome the project, though some feel it won’t solve congestion.

Queensland’s Transport Minister Bart Mellish said there’s significant interest in the crossing removal as a way to ease traffic and provide smoother, safer travel for road and rail users. He said it will also improve station access and reduce overall congestion.

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“The changes will also provide safer access to and from the Carseldine station and improve congestion in the area as well as provide better pedestrian and push bike path access,” he said.

Brisbane City Council is separately upgrading Beams Rd to cut travel times and boost safety. Work has already begun on improvements from Lacey Road to Balacara Ave.

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About Beams Rd

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Beams Rd is a vital connection between northern Brisbane communities and a key commuter route to major roads like Gympie Road. Around 19,000 vehicles use Beams Road daily, and volumes are expected to rise given the significant growth forecast for surrounding suburbs like Carseldine, Fitzgibbon, Taigum and Zillmere. 

As an important arterial link in a high-growth area, upgrades to Beams Road will be critical to meeting future travel demand. 

Published 16-January-2024

Apartment Buildings Proposed at Fitzgibbon Car Wrecking Yard

Approval has been granted for a 516-unit, 7-building development at a car wrecking yard in the Fitzgibbon Priority Development Area.

The 35,572-sqm site is located at 490 Beams Road. It is near the Carseldine Urban Village, which is being developed by Economic Development Queensland. 

Building F
Proposed Building F | Photo credit:  The State of Queensland /

To be delivered in seven stages, the mixed-use development designed by Wiltshire Stevens Architecture will feature 516 residential apartments plus 1,260sqm of office space on the ground level and 4,780-sqm of communal recreation space. The plan also includes a total of 830 car parking spaces — 749 for residents and 81 for visitors.

Building G
Proposed Building G  | Photo credit:  The State of Queensland /

The buildings will be between five and eight storeys high. Stages 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 will involve the construction of Buildings A, B, C, F and G, respectively. Each eight-storey building will comprise 78 apartment units — 25 one-bedroom, 37 two-bedroom, and 16 three-bedroom units— along with 104 residential car park spaces and 1,449sqm of private open space.  

Stage 4 (Building D) will include 78 apartment units —  39 one-bedroom, 24 two-bedroom, and 15 three-bedroom units — with 119 residential car park spaces and 1,449sqm of private open space. Stage 5 (Building E) involves the construction of 48 apartment units —  16 one-bedroom, 20 two-bedroom, and 12 three-bedroom — plus 110 residential car park spaces and 940sqm of private open space. 

Except for Buildings D and G, all buildings will have their own visitor parking spaces: Building A (38), Building B (5), Building C (19), Building E (4), and Building F (15)..

Internal perspective
Internal perspective | Photo credit:  The State of Queensland /

On 25 July 2008, the State Government declared the Fitzgibbon Priority Development Area (PDA). And as it is covered by the Fitzgibbon PDA, this proposal with application #DEV2020/1103 was granted approval by EDQ. 
The proposed Fitzgibbon site has been reduced to make way for the planned widening of Beams Road and the Rail Corridor. A business case is currently being developed for the Beams Road railway overpass project.

Plans for a Mixed-Use Precinct in Taigum Under Assessment

A development application has been lodged to turn one precinct in Taigum into a mixed-use site with food outlets, a service station, childcare and medical centres, and sports and community venues. The developer also plans to build a multiple dwelling retirement area within the Beams Road location.

Mewing Planning Consultants stated in DA A005727469 that the project’s nature and scale anticipate the needs of an Emerging Community Zone without impacting its ecological surrounding, including the existing swim school nearby. Covering 2.1 hectares, the proposal details a vision for a precinct with at least five distinct areas.    

One area will entail repurposing an old church into a health care centre, where it will be surrounded by four other retail buildings with dining options, including a few fast-food drive-thru services.

Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

The developers also said that future plans for the dwelling houses and retirement facilities will be submitted in separate applications.

Dubbed The Collective under Patona Property, the development has an expected completion date in the fourth quarter of 2022, if the plans are approved. 

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However, whilst the plan has the support of the residents, some suggested that the precinct should have cafes and fewer fast-food restaurants. 

“There are plenty of fast-food restaurants within a short distance,” one resident said in the DA submissions. “What the area does need is a cafe precinct for the community. The area is lacking decent cafes and a development that supports community connection and small business is much needed. I believe a cafe precinct would be of particular value when retirement/aged care living is proposed for the area.” 

The DA, filed in May 2021, is still under assessment with Brisbane City Council.