Kids Can be Fish Wise at this Free Session in Bald Hills

Did you know that a free fishing lesson is set to take place at the Bald Hills boat ramp this school holidays? Fish Wise is open for kids between 10 to 17 years old, who will be taught the basics of fishing by 2 Bent Rods.

Samantha and Jeremy Beckmann, the award-winning team behind 2 Bent Rods, has been operating since 2004. Aside from teaching fun fundamentals of fishing, the pair also imparts safe and responsible fishing practices as a life skill for kids. 

Fishing allows kids to unplug from technology and gain the benefits of spending time with nature. Learning the skill develops their confidence and brings a positive feeling of empowerment. The memories of that first catch will always be very special.

The activity is also a fantastic teachable moment in understanding marine life and the food chain, as well as gaining insights into conservation and fishing regulations. 

Photo Credit: BCC

Fish Wise in Bald Hills will run on Sunday, the 22nd of January 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Kids will be taught to tie a fishing knot, gather bait, cast a rod and hopefully land a fish. Equipment and bait will be supplied but the children are asked to bring their own sunglasses.

Booking is essential for this activity. Phone 0403 713 820 for more information. 

St Paul’s School in Bald Hills Uses NFTs To Build Students’ Digital Portfolios

The St Paul’s School in Bald Hills school has launched their own non-fungible tokens (also called NFTs) to help build students’ digital portfolios, as part of the school’s continued focus on innovation. 

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NFTS are tokens that can be used to represent ownership of unique items. At St Paul’s, for instance, each NFT depicts a unique design of the school’s Realms of Thinking – a unique and acclaimed approach to learning pioneered by them.

Whilst they appear something new, NFTs have been around since 2017 when CryptoPunks launched their first token. There are many areas of work where people are starting to use NFT, and one of them is the field of education. 

Unlike a bitcoin that can be traded for another bitcoin, an NFT is unique and cannot be traded for equal value. 

Meanwhile, in recognition of their student’s academic performance, St Paul’s School has minted and transferred ownership of the NFTs to the top six students from last year’s graduating class.

Harvey McIntosh, one of the top performing Year 12s from 2021 has already added his Realms of Thinking NFT to his digital portfolio.

St Paul's School NFT
Photo credit: St Paul’s School/Facebook

Dr Paul Browning, headmaster at St Paul’s School said the School’s willingness to adopt and engage with new technology was a valuable part of the student learning experience.

“St Paul’s School provides an education worth having which prepares resilient global citizens who are innovative thinkers. Right now, an education worth having includes engagement with this fast-developing world of blockchain and NFTs,” Dr Browning said.

“These concepts didn’t even exist when some of our senior students started school but now they’re becoming commonplace.”

Dr Browning said the school will continue to engage in development of digital portfolios with a focus on how it can prepare our students for this rapidly changing world.

New Childcare Center to Rise near Bald Hills Mosque

Bald Hills Islamic Educational Organisation Ltd. has submitted a development application for a 110-place childcare centre next to its mosque on Lacey Road in response to a growing need in the area.

Documents submitted to Council (DA A005838521) showed that whilst the organisation owns the property, the childcare center will operate separately from the mosque. The development application also seeks a subdivision of the organisation’s lot, from which the new site will be dedicated solely for the childcare centre. 

The proposed building will be a single storey facility with 22 parkings spaces, an outdoor play area, a piazza, and a reception area, as well as kitchen and laundry space. There will be seven activity rooms for the kids with two sections specifically for babies up to 15 months old. 

Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

The childcare centre will be built in a low-density residential area with projected hours of operation from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., if Council approves the plans. 

According to a report of the pre-lodgement meetings, there is an increasing demand for childcare centres in Brisbane’s north due to the growth in the area. Per an assessment by Business Geographics, “the local market could support an additional 150-200 licensed places without resulting in a significant or long-term oversupply of places.”

Bald Hills Islamic Educational Organisation Ltd, which has been running the mosque for decades, received approval to add more structures in the complex. Whilst the location is near a koala habitat mapping, the assessment report cited that the subdivision, reconfiguration, and construction of the childcare centre will retain “as many trees as possible.”

Youth Who Stayed at Bald Hills Homeless Shelter Graduates from QUT

Dylia* was 16 years old when she ran away from home. She was fortunate enough to have found refuge at a Bald Hills shelter that provides crisis accommodation and emergency housing for young people. At Carinity Orana, she found a “very positive environment” where she got the support and encouragement to turn her life around.

While at the Bald Hills centre, Dylia was able to complete a course in business studies that led to her acceptance at the Queensland University of Technology, where she has received her dual degree in Social Work and Justice. 

Coincidentally, Dylia, now 23, received her diploma during National Homelessness Week.

The young woman still has a vivid recollection of the hand-written letter given to her by the Carinity Orana staff when she moved out to finish a degree. 

“We know that you will continue to move forward and we know that you have the determination to make things happen for yourself,” those were some of the encouraging words in the letter.

Dylia was a resident of Carinity Orana for four months. Despite the short period, the staff made her feel that she could achieve something with her life. 

“They were never judgemental, and I never felt I had been shamed about my life choices,” said Dylia. “I was trying to figure myself out. I was 16. I had only recently run away from home. They helped me to open up and figure out what I want to do with my life.”

Photo Credit: Supplied. Carinity Orana Program Manager Dave McNair with former managers Nikki Brown, Helen Ford and Kim Bertwhistle at the house which has accommodated around 6,000 homeless youths.

“If you can overcome homelessness, you’ve already done something incredibly difficult,” Dylia added. “If you want to take up a passion or become a doctor, you’re no less talented than anyone else. You are no less deserving of working towards a dream or goal than anyone else.”

For 40 years, Carinity Orana has been helping homeless people between 16 to 21 years old through develop new social networks, secure education, counselling, training, employment, or find more permanent accommodation. Residents usually stay a maximum of six months before they moved to long-term accommodation. 

For enquiries or to support the shelter through donations phone (07) 3261 3969 or visit their official site.

* Name has been changed for privacy reasons.