Aspley Memorial Bowls Club Green 1 Cover up by end of May 2019

The Aspley Memorial Bowls Club will be installing a cover for its Green 1 which should be completed by end of May 2019, but Carseldine locals have concerns about the project.

The cover, fitted with lights underneath, will provide an all-weather shelter for its Club members and casual bowlers’ use, to enjoy the facility during daytime and at night, all-year round. The Australian Government, Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities under the Community Development Grant Programme, has made the project possible through a $590,000 grant.

Video walk-through from Lightweight Structures

Video Credit: Trevor Scott / YouTube

At 7.5 metres at its highest point, residents are concerned about the structure’s height which will effectively block the view and sunlight from the houses close to the Club. Locals are also concerned about the rainwater going straight to the creek due to the structure, as well as causing more cars parking close to the shade thus increasing traffic in the area.

Overall, they fear its negative impact will cause the values of neighbouring properties to fall. They suggest moving the structure close to the clubhouse instead and far from Nemira Street.

The Club said that the planned cover over Green 1 was voted upon with the elderly members in mind. Once the shade structure is in place, the covered green will provide a way for the members, especially the elderly, to stay active and socialise, rain or shine. In the future, its two other greens will also have their own covers installed.