Brighton Foodie Becomes ALDI Australia’s First Chief Frozen Food Reviewer

Brighton foodie Emily Webster has secured the special role of ALDI Australia’s inaugural Chief Frozen Food Reviewer, a position that promises to bring her unique insights to frozen delights across the nation.

ALDI Australia revealed a new role that has food enthusiasts buzzing. Emily, known for her detailed reviews on social media, has been selected as ALDI’s first-ever Chief Frozen Food Reviewer. With this position, Emily will be privileged to taste and review new products before they are available to the public, offering her critiques in ALDI’s nationally circulated catalogue.

Social Media Star to Taste Maker

Emily’s path to this dream job began on social media, where her posts about ALDI’s frozen foods gained significant attention. She has previously reviewed 19 different ALDI ice creams and a variety of pizzas, providing thorough and engaging feedback that caught the eye of ALDI’s marketing team.

“I’m thrilled to be chosen as ALDI Australia’s first-ever Chief Frozen Food Reviewer! I’m so ALDIcore, so this is truly a dream come true,” Emily expressed in a video on Instagram and TikTok, which quickly amassed over 4,000 views.

@emilyclairwebster I’m thrilled to be chosen as ALDI Australia’s first-ever Chief Frozen Food Reviewer! I’m so ALDIcore, so this is truly a dream come true. Follow along and let me know your favourite ALDI frozen products in the comments, and which ones I should try next! #ALDIAustralia #ALDIcore #Gifted #ALDI ♬ original sound – Emily Clair Webster ❄️

Official Duties and Enthusiastic Response

As Chief Frozen Food Reviewer, Emily’s responsibilities include early product tasting and writing reviews for ALDI’s catalogue. Her insights are expected to guide shoppers through the often daunting task of choosing from ALDI’s extensive frozen section.

“Emily’s candid insights and genuine passion for ALDI’s frozen offerings captured our attention, and we’re really excited to welcome her as our first-ever Chief Frozen Food Reviewer,” An ALDI spokesperson commented on the appointment. “We think Emily’s reviews will be appreciated by other eager shoppers across the nation.”

What’s Next?

Before her column debuts, Emily has shared some of her current favourite freezer finds with the public, including the limited edition Farmwood Chipotle & Lime Chicken Crackles and the Health & Vitality Chinese Style Chicken and Cashew. Her role will officially begin with tasting these and other items, setting the stage for what promises to be a refreshing addition to ALDI’s customer communications.

Emily’s transition from a passionate food reviewer to an official role within ALDI underscores the impact of social media and the community’s role in shaping brand decisions, adding a personal touch to the corporate world of food retail.

Published 6-June-2024