New Subdivision Proposed For Taigum

A developer from New South Wales has submitted plans to reconfigure one lot into a 50-lot residential subdivision and create a 5,000-sqm park space in Taigum.

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Located at 502 Church Rd in Taigum, the 6.72-ha lot is one of the last untouched blocks of land in north Brisbane. Back in 1981, it was sold for only $25,000. At present, the property is estimated to cost around $1.3- $1.8 million. The value would eventually go higher once the proposed residential subdivision is approved.

Aerial view of subject location (Photo credit:

Plans (A005748925) lodged by JFP Urban Consultants on behalf of the applicant reveals that the residential lots would be designed to accommodate detached one and two-storey residential dwellings. 

Based on the attached documents, there are also plans to fill in an existing dam and build new roads connecting Church Rd and Brushbox St. However, a large portion of the land will be retained for a drainage reserve area.

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The subject site has been identified within the Local Government Infrastructure Plan as requiring a 5,000-sqm future trunk park. The LGIP stipulates land within the subject site is to be acquired and embellished to provide local recreation infrastructure between the years 2021 and 2026.

In response to this, the applicant stated during a pre-lodgement meeting with the Brisbane City Council in December 2020 that the proposed development has been designed to dedicate the 5,000-sqm trunk park in accordance with the application LGIP mapping.

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“This can be further increased via the dedication of additional parkland on the property at 468 Church Rd. On-street bicycle pathway connections will be provided in accordance with the applicable overlay mapping and it is anticipated that Council will condition any development to provide this,” said the applicant. 

To stay updated regarding this development, see DA-A005748925.